A noir adventure spanning time and space. You play as No Man, a watch peddler caught in a love triangle with other cosmic beings, Miss Mass and Golden Boy. When your affair turns into a bitter confrontation, you will witness a gunshot fired by a jealous god—otherwise known as The Big Bang. Jump into the expanding universe and search for a way to prevent or destroy creation and save your love.


After listening to Liev Schriber read The Distance of the Moon by Italio Calvino on Radiolab, we ran out and picked up Cosmicomics. Falling in love with Calvino's ability to balance the cosmic and the poetic, we began imagining how his storytelling might be combined with interactivity and film noir. In 2014 we built a prototype in Unity to test our ideas. Switching to Unreal in 2016, we went fulltime on developing the game in the summer. In 2018 we successfully funded the project on Kickstarter and teamed up with publisher Fellow Traveller. In 2019 we announced that Genesis Noir will be on the XBOX Game Pass for PC and XBOX. Genesis Noir was released on March 26th 2021 to critical acclaim. The game has been nominated for many awards, winning prestigious awards in the Independent Games Festival and Brazillian Indie Games Festival.


  • A non-traditional point and click adventure: With a focus on tactile puzzles and exploration, you’ll experiment with objects in small slivers of the universe to discover how they can be manipulated to progress your journey. Dial a rotary phone; destroy a civilization; plant a garden; improvise with a musician; create life—all in your search for a way to save Miss Mass.
  • Jump into the expanding universe: The Big Bang isn’t just the birth of creation as we know it, it's also a gun blast frozen in time, with the bullet speeding towards the love of your life. You’ll jump into pockets of time, explore moments throughout the lifespan of the universe, and search for a way to change the course of destiny.
  • Witness the birth and history of mankind: You’ll observe moments in the history of the universe, from the first microseconds of Life to trillions of years in the future. What will you learn about these new creations, in your search to destroy them?


Genesis Noir — Release TrailerYouTube


Awards & Recognition

  • "Taipei Game Show - Best Audio - Nomination " 2021
  • "TIGA Games Industry Award - Creativity in Games - Nomination " 2021
  • "Golden Joystick - Best Visual Design - Nomination " 2021
  • "Independent Games Festival - Excellence in Visual Art - Winner" 2021
  • "Independent Games Festival - Excellence in Audio - Winner" 2021
  • "Independent Games Festival - Grand Prize - Nomination" 2021
  • "Independent Games Festival - Narrative - Nomination" 2021
  • "Independent Games Festival - Nuovo - Honorable Mention" 2021
  • "Brazillian Indie Game Festival - Best Sound - Winner" 2021
  • "Brazillian Indie Game Festival - Innovation Award - Winner" 2021
  • "Brazillian Indie Game Festival - Best Game - Nomination " 2021
  • "Brazillian Indie Game Festival - Best Art - Nomination " 2021
  • "London Games Festival - International Innovation" 2021
  • "Bit Bash - Official Selection" 2019
  • "Gamescom - Indie Award - Nomination" 2019
  • "Internet Festival - Official Selection" 2019
  • "Unreal E3 Awards - Outstanding Original Game - Nomination" 2019
  • "The Mix Dev Showcase - Official Selection" 2018
  • "Unreal Dev Grant Recipient" 2018
  • " Brooklyn Indie Game of the Year - Official Nomination" 2017
  • "UCLA Game Art Festival - Official Selection" 2017
  • "Fantastic Arcade - Official Selection" 2017
  • "Day of the Devs - Official Selection" 2017
  • "Strasbourg Indie Game Contest - Official Selection" 2017
  • "NYS Game Dev Challenge - 1st Place" 2017

Selected Articles

  • The biggest compliment I can give this game is that it's truly like nothing else I've played before, and it's incredibly focused and dedicated to its creative vision and its theme.
    , Eurogamer
  • The most conceptually audacious game to hit digital storefronts in many moons.
    , Washington Post
  • The game sizzles with invention.
    , The Guardian
Big Bang: Music from the Universe of Genesis Noir
Cosmic! Tap your foot to moody noir atmospheres at your local all-hours diner, freak out with hip cats in a bustling metropolis, or float through the infinite cosmos, transcendently guided by spiritual jazz. Dive into the depths of the universe of Genesis Noir with Big Bang: a collection of in-game soundtrack material that has been rearranged, augmented, added-to, enhanced and crafted into a well-rounded album listening experience by the game’s composers Skillbard. Expect new vocals, new sax solos and other surprises you’ll only hear on Big Bang! The soundtrack and all other DLC will also be available in a The Cosmic Collection bundle, upon launch!
Genesis Noir: An Act of Creation
Learn more about the development of Genesis Noir with the game’s very own digital art book, An Act of Creation. An Act of Creation is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of this artful noir adventure! Its pages are filled with concept art, storyboards, sheet music, production screenshots, artist's insights, reflections from the creators, and so much more! Uncover the artistic process behind Genesis Noir. See everything from the smallest of designs to the sprawling concepts for this cosmic adventure.
Genesis Noir: Moiré Noir
An interactive Moiré Noir digital comic by Evan Anthony and Jay Quercia and learn more about No Man's history leading up to the events of Genesis Noir. Before No Man was searching for a way to save his love from a cosmic gunshot, he had his own story worth telling.

About Feral Cat Den

We are a small team of artists who dream of nesting in a derelict barn. For now we have a studio in Brooklyn where we make games, animations, web things, VJ things, and many other side projects. Our mission is to fuse animation + interactivity and create visually rich and tactile games. Genesis Noir is our first release.
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