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Genesis Noir is a poetic adventure game about stopping The Big Bang to save your love. A cosmic gunshot expands towards the heart of a god and the player must explore the universe, seeking clues on how creation might be undone. With an emphasis on exploration, simple interactions, and generative art, Genesis Noir seeks to create memorable moments and tactile gameplay.


After listening to Liev Schriber read The Distance of the Moon by Italio Calvino on Radiolab, we ran out and picked up Cosmicomics. Falling in love with Calvino's ability to balance the cosmic and the poetic, we began imagining how his storytelling might be combined with interactivity and film noir. In 2014 we built a prototype in Unity to test our ideas. Switching to Unreal in 2016, we went fulltime on developing the game in the summer.


  • Explore the Cosmos: Players will discover a world unlike any other in Genesis Noir. Explore nebula, asteroid fields, black holes, primordial earth, and jazz cafes.
  • Experience a synthesis of animation and interactivity: The gameplay of Genesis Noir blends visual storytelling and interaction into one seamless experience. The space between cutscene and gameplay is dissolved.
  • Enjoy a mixture of 2D and 3D visuals: Genesis Noir combines beautiful hand drawn animation and simple 3D worlds to create a unique visual aesthetic.
  • Play with generative art inspired interactions: Play with generative systems and see what they create. Play and express yourself through simple interactions.


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There are currently no logos or icons available for Genesis Noir. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

Awards & Recognition

  • "NYS Game Dev Challenge - 1st Place" 2017
  • "Strasbourg Indie Game Contest - Official Selection" 2017
  • "Day of the Devs - Official Selection" 2017
  • "Fantastic Arcade - Official Selection" 2017
  • "UCLA Game Art Festival - Official Selection" 2017
  • "Technical.ly Brooklyn Indie Game of the Year - Official Nomination" 2017

Selected Articles

  • "These are precisely the kind of characters I wish … games were about more often."
    - Adam Smith, Rock Paper Shotgun
  • ". With its beautiful and unique style, cosmic premise, and generative gameplay, we at Motionographer are very excited to find out more about this game."
    - , Motionographer
  • "Genesis Noir is set up to be an expressive work of art that could lend itself very well to the video game format."
    - , Gamers Almanac

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About Feral Cat Den

Feral Cat Den is a collective of artists, animators, designers, and developers who dream of nesting in a derelict barn. For now we have a small studio in Brooklyn where we make games, animations, web things, VJ things, gin, and many other side projects. Our mission is to fuse animation + interactivity and create visually rich and tactile games.

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